Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter White Out in the South

This is what the lake behind my place looks like until spring and today with six plus inches of snow.  Both are beautiful and first snow is the best but I am sure glad it will be melted in another day or so.  No snow plows here except for the major highways and airport.  You sure can tell who the New Englanders are though cause they're the only ones out there cleaning the snow off their cars and shoveling.  Snow doesn't keep them locked away indoors. 

Origami Purse

Here's the Hobo Bag by Quilt Plus that I made last weekend using a Moda charm pack.  I switched up a few steps on when to quilt and how to finish the seams.  The picture on the pattern was a little deceiving on it's actual finished shape but it still came out really nice.

Today we are having a winter blizzard here in Virginia Beach.  It is totally devastating the area.  Perfect day to sew, listen to a book on tape, and watch the snow fall.  I don't even think I will get out of my jyammies today.  : )

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taking the Plunge

Here I am taking the plunge into blogworld!
I've actually had my blog for almost a year now and I have been following all the wonderful blogs listed to your right. But I have never written anything in fear of "what will I say and who will read this." I've watched my BFF ease into blogworld like a well trained trapeze artist. While I am quite the chatty cathy and quite adept at spinning a yarn in the real world - I wonder how I will do in this one dimensional world. So I'm pleading with you - go lightly on me and be forgiving cause she knows not what she is doing.
"Here we go into the wild blue blogworld, posting away into the wee hours; here they come zooming to meet her, at 'em girls, show 'er the way!"
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