Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taking the Plunge

Here I am taking the plunge into blogworld!
I've actually had my blog for almost a year now and I have been following all the wonderful blogs listed to your right. But I have never written anything in fear of "what will I say and who will read this." I've watched my BFF ease into blogworld like a well trained trapeze artist. While I am quite the chatty cathy and quite adept at spinning a yarn in the real world - I wonder how I will do in this one dimensional world. So I'm pleading with you - go lightly on me and be forgiving cause she knows not what she is doing.
"Here we go into the wild blue blogworld, posting away into the wee hours; here they come zooming to meet her, at 'em girls, show 'er the way!"


Stellar Creations said...

Well hey there partner!! That last line made me think of the rodeo, don't know why.. lol. Welcome to the blogfest.

Big Hugs,

The Speckled Hen said...

It's the Air Force Song silly - I'm winging it LOL!

Janene said...

So glad you are posting. You have a wonderful way of writing...it captured me!
Looking forward to reading more!

The Speckled Hen said...

Thanks Janene - I've enjoyed following yours and Stella's, and all the other blogs and figured why not jump right in.

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