Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show

I attended the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show the last two days.
On Saturday I attended with a friend of mine from DC and we were there for six hours.

On Sunday I ended up going back by myself, I just couldn't get enough.

I did some major $$ damage on both days but it was so worth it.

There were so many quilts being shown this year and I was totally blown away by the artistic quality.

The quilts look beautiful in the photos

but when you are up close and personal they are beyond words.

I was awestruck by the talent and unbelievable details of each one.

Looking at the gallery of quilts I chose to take pictures of

it appears I am really taken by non-traditional quilts

and really like the interpretation of beautiful scenery and photos.

With that I think that might be my challenge for this year.

To interpret a photo that moves me.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of quilts from this year's Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show.


Nicole said...

What an incredible quilt show that must have been! Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos.

MoraPiggy said...

Those quilts are amazing. Never seen anything like them.

The Speckled Hen said...

Thanks for posting...can wait to see what kind of quilts are at this year's quilt show.

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