Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am an Aholic!!

Wikipedia says that a twelve-step program is a set of guiding principles outlining a course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioral problems.   I must admit that the first step is the hardest one. 

1.  ADMIT - I am an AHOLIC (insert fabric, yarn, beads, stamps, shoes, jewelry, clothes, magazines, books, Gadget Queen (kitchen/craft/electronic), decorating/embellishing, food, lattes, chocolate, and on and on and on...)

2.  BELIEVE - I believe I have enough (NOT) and I must change my ways. (UGH)

3.  PROMISE - I  promise to COMMIT (I have no fear of this word because I am not a male!!) to improving my out of control ways and not to replenish/add to my many overwhelming stashes.

4.  IDENTIFY - I have identified what my weaknesses are (as painful as that is) and located all my UFOs.

5.  SHARE - I will bear my soul for all to see.  Therefore, forcing the spotlight on myself - showing all  my WIPs.

6.  WILLINGNESS - I give freely to this change, which is suppose to make me a better and happier person!  Here I thought I was happy with all my STUFF.

7.  ACCEPT -  I accept that I have entirely TOOOO much stuff and therefore need help!

8.  AMENDS - I am sorry to all those people I have made richier because of my compulsion to have it all!

9.  APOLOGIZE -  I apologize to my BFF for starting this path 26 years ago, for letting her follow me, getting the last or only one of that "item we just had to have" and leaving her scrambling to even the playing field, for the many times I allowed her to beat me to the finish line/register, and for loudly rejoicing, laughing, and doing the happy dance when she spent more money than me.

10. REAFFIRM - I will check and recheck myself to make sure I am staying on the path.  I will try not to beat myself up too bad when I fall off the wagon and I will get right back on after I get that one item.

11. MAINTAIN - I promise to post weekly on my blog in order for me to track my progress openly and allow all to throw nuggets of support, rejoice in my will power, and send oohs and aahs when I actually complete an item.

12. EMPOWER - I promise to share all that I have learned, attend guild meetings for support, sell or give away my completed items, and set a shining example of how to overcome this type of addiction.


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